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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Rainy Season

With rainy season just around the corner, it’s important to take a few simple precautions to ensure that your home makes it safely to next summer. Our team of Ford’s Plumbing experts has seen the effects of many rainy season disasters – much of which could have been prevented. Here’s a few easy ways you can get your home in great shape for the fall and winter months:


1. Inspect and Clear Drains and Gutters

Throughout the course of a year, drains and gutters can become filled with leaves, branches, and other inconveniences that can cause water to back up. Water that is not properly flowing through drains can cause flooding. In the case of rain gutters installed on roofs, water with nowhere to go can drip down the side of the house, leaking through windows or damaging paint over time. Of course, without the proper equipment and expertise, drain cleaning can be very limited. For expert drain cleaning that resolves issues deep within your drains and pipes, contact the experts at Ford’s Plumbing who have been preventing winter disasters for more than 40 years.


2. Check and Seal Windows and Doors

When a major rainstorm comes, you will quickly discover which windows and doors have been properly sealed. There are a variety of ways to ensure water doesn’t sneak into your house, and any improvements will be beneficial year round, saving money on heating and air conditioning expenses. Windowsills can be sealed with waterproof sealer or rubber, and cracks can be filed with caulking.


3. Don’t Forget the Little Things

There are a lot of little things that come with preparing for rainy season. Backyard swimming pools should have their water level lowered to accommodate for extra rain water and avoid flooding. Wood doors exposed to the elements may need a new coat of waterproof varnish to avoid soaking up water. Each home has its own set of rain preparations. Spend some time making a list of issues to prepare for at the start of each new rainy season.


4. Protect Against Wind

Many rainstorms are accompanied by strong winds that can often inflict even greater damage to a home or backyard. To prepare for windy months, secure anything that could potentially fly, slide, fall, tip, or bend from strong winds. Don’t neglect items that are less valuable such as trashcans, as these can often inflict damage on more valuable parts of the home or backyard. Some items may need to be placed in a garage through the season to avoid any damage.


5. Secure all Electrical Units and Exposed Wires

Summer is often the time for outdoor home repairs and maintenance. Make sure that all projects have been finished and there are no exposed dangers. Exposed wires or power boxes that have been forgotten can be a major problem when rain comes, leading to power outages and other electrical issues that will require extensive maintenance. If you need any repairs done during a storm, contact the experts at Ford’s who can inspect and repair your home systems safely. And for extra preparation, have the Ford’s team inspect your heating system and furnace before the cold nights come around.


Don’t let winter storms get you down. A little hard work goes a long way in protecting your home. And of course, calling in the professionals at Ford’s for the difficult tasks will bring you long-term safety and protection.

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